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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

After Bush, No More 'Idiots-in-Chief'

I am completely over the last 8 years of President Bush repeatedly confessing that "I was a C student!" ["Ha, ha, ha"] as if this warped sort of jocular "See, I'm just a dumb as the rest of you!" bonhomie somehow makes him qualified to be President.

Considering that McCain has been shopping around his own take on this theme ("I was fifth from the bottom of my class!" ["Ha, ha, ha"]), I really think it is time for this entire line of bulls**t to die:


Jamo said...

Can you imagine any employer hiring a candidate for a job who would reveal such academic mediocrity in a job interview, let alone express 'pride' in such mediocrity? Why do American voters expect less of our presidential candidates than we do our fry cooks?