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Thursday, July 10, 2008


The proprietor of a site selling "Ojamas" (yes, Obama pajamas) sent me an email the other day. Far be it from me to take exception to people trying to cash in on a good thing; especially if it has the potential to spread the word in the boudoir.

Update: You can get a 10% 17% discount by entering promo code "weeneedobam" "wwnolj714t" (don't worry, I have no relationship with the vendor and get no kickbacks). I am told a portion of the proceeds go to the Obama campaign.

Original Ojamas


Ojamas Sleepwear said...

Ok "wwno" aka "Monitor", since you were kind enough to link to us, we'll return the favor. The promotional discount code you posted expired 06/30, but here's a new one in your honor for those who read your articles. When you order, enter "wwnolj714t" when prompted for a promotional code, and you will get you $5.00 off the retail price until 07/14 (that's a 17% discount!) I can't promise whether it will expire at 12:00 am on the 14th or one tick past 11:59:59 pm, so if you want to get the deal don't wait til the 14th.

Here's a challenge for everyone out there in the blogosphere. If you write a favorable story about our product and a link to our web store, we'll construct a special promotional discount for your readers for a limited time. Once you post the story and link, send a note with your url to ojamarama@ojamas.us & we'll post a comment on your blog or send you an email with the promotional code. The better your article, the better the discount we'll try to give your readers.

btw: a portion of the proceeds from the sales of Ojamas is being donated to the campaign so we're not as opportunistic as we're made out to be. Ok, we're opportunistic, but it's for a good cause :-). We prefer to think of it as an innovative approach to fundraising.

Jamo said...

I wish they came in tall sizes!

ojamarama said...

FYI, the very first pair of Ojamas off the production line didn't quite meet our design specifications. The pattern was more of a checkerboard than a "step-and-repeat". Rather than throw them away, we decided to auction them off on e-Bay and donate part of the proceeds to the Obama/Biden campaign. This is a one-of-a-kind collectible. There will never be another one like it. Hurry on over to the auction now!

Ojamas said...

Ojamas are shipping in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, make sure you're registered to vote. The deadline for many states is coming up in just a few days. You can find out more at VoteForChange.com, and check our our video, "The Power of the Dream".