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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Get Yourself Some Obama Gear

I thought I'd write a post with some tips for getting Obama campaign materials. I remember from my ordering process from back in December, some of the items up for sale on the official Obama Campaign Store may be backordered due to significant demand.

Here are a couple of other places you can try.

For one, there are a lot of independent people that have created Obama '08 designs on a site called CafePress.com. Click here to see search results for any items tagged with "Barack Obama". Although you'll be putting money into an individual's pocket, it's still better than going without.

Here are some examples:

Also, check out Obamacycle.com, which is a site dedicated to connecting people with Obama campaign materials with those who need them.

Finally, here are a couple other random sites that offer Obama gear:

Update: Thanks to commenter Jamo for posting some more resources for Obama gear. Please send me an email or write a comment if you have more to add:


Jamo said...

I just thought I would add a couple of links for Obama gear and pass along an interesting story.

For 'Deadheads For Obama', t-shirts are available at Phil Lesh's website:


And one can go to ebay and search 'Deadheads For Obama' to see shirts, buttons, etc.

Bush's Last Day website has some cool Obama gear:


Finally, I was at a local Legislative Distrcit caucus in Everett, WA yesterday and I struck up an interesting conversation with a woman sitting behind me. We have an Iraqi community in Everett and the woman I was chatting with (who is not Iraqi) said that she had been talking with a woman who owned an Iraqi store serving the Iraqi residents in town. Apparently the storeowner had created buttons saying 'Iraqi Women For Obama' and could not make them fast enough to meet demand!!! Imagine the implications of that on many different levels. Quite amazing!

BTW, thanks for the blog. It is a port of sanity in a sea of media madness.

Sean said...

Hi there.

I live in Sydney, Australia and i want to buy a Obama fleece jacket but i can't find a site that sells them!! The hillarygear.com site posts overseas so any ideas??

Cheers, Sean

Anonymous said...

Here's a very cool idea. College kids & die-hards are lining up to pre-order "Ojamas" (Obama Pajamas). They say they can get them to you by the Convention in August. Looks like they don't start delivering until August, but you have to place your order in advance to be guaranteed delivery. I thought this was cute. I'm gonna give it a try. Will let you know. Maybe even put mine on Ebay in November if they run out!

Mark said...

For more help finding good Obama T-shirts and buttons, you can try ObamaBidenSwag.com.

They have a well organized website with some nice Obama bumper stickers, Obama-Biden shirts and my favorite the "Barack the House" design.

Happy Hunting!

Flicker90 said...

Flicker90 just added a crystalized Obama purse for a limited time


The Business & Travel Blog said...

This isn't "gear" per se, but it is very nice and it definitely speaks: "Obama!"