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Monday, April 21, 2008

Eugene Register-Guard Endorses Obama

My hometown newspaper, the Eugene Register-Guard, endorsed Barack Obama today:

The dispiriting tone of the campaign echoes that of the past several election cycles, in which the voters' divisions over small matters have been exploited for transitory gain, obscuring the need for clarity of purpose in confronting the many large challenges that face the nation...

Voters should grasp the opportunity to open a new chapter -- a chapter with a fresh political vocabulary, elevated discourse and rekindled hopes. Obama offers that opportunity, and Oregon Democrats should support him in the May 20 primary election...

Democrats had a presidential nominee in 2004 who was both for and against the war, and it did not end well. Obama is free of all that baggage, which liberates him to credibly promise to move the nation beyond the past 20 years of Bush and Clinton presidencies. His domestic policy proposals differ in many details from Clinton's, but the biggest difference is that they would be received as representing not a reaction to the Bush administration or a continuation of the one before, but a real break with the past...

Oregon has a rare moment of relevance in the nominating process. Oregon Democrats should use it to give Barack Obama the chance to become the first Democratic president of the 21st century.

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