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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Brazille to Hillary: Stop Throwing Elbows

Superdelegate and Democratic Party apparatchik Donna Brazille, who has not announced an endorsement for a candidate as yet, summed up in an sharp paragraph in her recent missive the disgust and malaise I am feeling about candidate Clinton's seemy 11th-hour antics:

I'm struck by how similar the action in the NCAA basketball tournament is to what's happening [in this primary]. In the final minute of a close game, the losing team will begin fouling the winning team in a desperate attempt to eke out the few extra points it needs to take the lead.

All the fouling means that the final minute stretches into eternity, testing the endurance of players and fans alike. I find that regardless of how my team fares, whether emerging victorious or defeated, I leave disappointed. All the energy, enthusiasm, pride and excitement just dies when a noble sport is reduced to throwing elbows. I can't wait for this March madness to end ... hopefully in June.

This is why I don't like basketball anymore, and why this primary is starting to make me fundamentally unnerved (on occasion).

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