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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Expected Malaise in the Proper Margins

Well, it looks as if I was at least somewhat close. Hillary is winning Pennsylvania by what looks to be anywhere from 4% to 11% depending on when the numbers come in.

Even though this was expected, I felt -- similar to what I felt around Texas and Ohio -- that somehow there would be a magical upset tonight that would bring an end to this terrible woman.

Step back -- take a breath -- and ask yourself this.

Think of the best person you know -- the person who is the most wise, the most eloquent, the most honest, the most intelligent, the most engaged in civic life -- the person you would most want to elect as the leader of our country.

Then, think to yourself how this wonderful person you know -- the devoted public servant, the supremely wise and intelligent thinker, the profoundly honest and truthful soul -- would be rendered, masticated, beaten and eviscerated by what our media, and our politicians have become.

What would we be left with then?

This person you envision is what I see in Barack Obama. Certainly not perfect but the highest ideal I have ever imagined campaigning for my vote.

He is the highest measure of a man (or woman) I could imagine to seek the highest political office in the land.

I have faith that he can withstand the storms and vultures and the trials and the tribulations.

But I ache, in my deepest heart, at the prospect that a man so great -- so flawed and yet so deserving -- could yet perhaps have the nomination wrested away from him by the powers of darkness and cynicism.

May there be light at the end of this tunnel.

May there be some measure of goodness within us that instinctually recoils at the filthy and debauched hand that graspingly clings to the coattails of his quest to help us purify our past sins.

I still know hope but -- after the totality of my life -- find it difficult to stoke the nascent fuel powering my desire to forge on.

I'll find some ability to power on after tonight but -- Lord -- how taxing this contest has become.


Amy said...

Taxing, indeed.

(I really enjoy your blog, btw.)

Monitor said...

Thanks Amy, glad to have you reading!