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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Barack Obama can tell 'uncomfortable truths'

Here is a great article detailing an interview with Obama's sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, who grew up with Obama in Hawaii and Indonesia. She says that Obama has always been an honest person that is capable of telling "uncomfortable truths".

Maya Soetoro-Ng... has told The Sunday Telegraph her brother exhibited presidential potential even when he dealt with family disputes in his formative years.

And she revealed that their white grandmother, who was thrust to the forefront of the election campaign when Mr Obama used her as an example of a "typical white person" troubled by black men on the streets, had no complaints about the way he described her in his now famous speech on America's racial divide.

In the first comments by a member of the Obama family about the senator from Illinois's approach to racial questions, she said: "Our grandmother loves Barack a great deal and is entirely supportive."


In his speech on America's racial divisions, Mr Obama recounted how she had made racial comments that "made me cringe". But his sister, who lives near to their grandmother in Hawaii, says the frankness of these words was typical of Mr Obama's honest approach to life.

"I know that I have only ever known him to tell the truth and he has done this time and again when doing so was difficult," said Ms Soetoro-Ng, who works as a teacher in Honolulu.

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Barack Obama can tell 'uncomfortable truths'


Obama 08/12 said...

Great Blog! I certainly agree with you 100%. It will be great to have a president who is honest.