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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Barack Obama Is Like Roger Federer

Leave it to my tennis-loving mom and stepdad to come up with an nice tennis construct in which to frame the race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Here's the gem my mom just e-mailed me.

In essence, Hillary is like the tennis pro that's losing the US Open.

They fake injury, lie and call medical timeouts, try to get in the other guy's head and piss him off, try to throw him off his game/rhythm, get dramatic, yell and threaten umpire, etc., etc. -- like Johnny McEnroe.

Sometimes it works, but not with the Roger Federers of the world, who stay cool, calm and focused.

Roger doesn't always win every game, and doesn't expect to. He knows the other guys have talent, but he nearly always wins the big ones. And he has class all along the way, so they are great wins, not just pretty good ones.

Plus, he knows that in the long run, this is the way to win the most overall: keep your cool and stay in the zone.

That's why he is tops in the world by miles, maybe in the history of the game.

[My stepdad] thinks Obama is the Roger Federer equivalent.

I totally agree.

Though Johnny Mac or Andy Roddick can be more "fun" or pyrotechnic to watch sometimes -- with their antics and the drama --Roger has historic, world-caliber grace, elegance, talent, discipline, focus and class; like Obama, or Tiger Woods.

Even when Roger is down, he never fakes an injury or resorts to antics, even when he loses something. In the end, he always stays on his "game" and wins the big ones. That's the true sign of an authentic Champion.


Jamo said...

My metaphor is that a new American is trying to be born. As with any birth there are going to be false alarms, contractions, pain, and screaming. I guess all we can do is breath deeply and keep pushing! Hang in there, when our new American has been born all of the pain and tensions will be a fading memory.

And I never thought I would ever say these words, but......C'mon Oregon!!!! Let's go, Oregon!!!!