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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wyoming Governor Freudenthal Endorses Obama

Wyoming Governor, former Clinton administration U.S. attorney for Wyoming and superdelegate Dave Freudenthal, today endorsed Barack Obama:

Freudenthal said he was impressed by the large, enthusiastic crowds that turned out to see Obama when he visited Wyoming ahead of last month's caucuses.

"They paid attention and were riveted and reactivated, and trying to be part of an America that's bigger than just their own self-interest," Freudenthal told The Associated Press. "And you hope that can work. Because something has got to dig us out of this morass that we've gotten into, where it's sort of gotcha politics."When both Obama and Hillary Clinton came to Wyoming, the governor spent time with each. Freudenthal said he had nothing negative to say about Hillary Clinton, but Obama struck him as "incredibly smart" and someone who gives honest answers instead of scripted responses.

The governor also said Obama gave him an honest answer about putting the Wyoming Range in western Wyoming off-limits to oil and gas drilling, something Freudenthal would like to see the U.S. Senate approve.

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