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Monday, April 21, 2008

Financial Times Endorses Obama

The internationally respected Financial Times endorsed Obama, with some really excellent points:

  1. "The Democrats should move quickly to affirm Mr Obama’s nomination .... not just because his lead in elected delegates is already unassailable .... also because he is, in fact, the better candidate."
  1. "The contenders’ differences on policy look small and in reality are even smaller. As voters understood all along, this has therefore been a contest of character, temperament and (sadly but inevitably) identity."
  1. "Obama has fought a brilliant campaign .... convincing undecided Democrats as well as the country at large that he was more likeable, more straightforward and more worthy of trust."
  1. Mrs Clinton’s campaign has been a shambles."
  1. "The US has the urge to be inspired a little. Electing the country’s first woman president ought to be very inspiring. But not this woman – with her dynastic baggage and knack for antagonising the undecided – running against this man."

"The Democratic party has waited an awfully long time for a politician like Barack Obama. Enough already."

Hat tip: richprust


Jamo said...

I'm surprised you did not post this pivotal endorsement, as it must be so near and dear to your heart. Of course it can't be seen as too much of a surprise, but its ok to be a 'homer' at times too....

Just don't overdo it! ;-)