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Monday, October 20, 2008

Arrest Made in Voter Registration Fraud Scandal

I'm sure John McCain will be pleased with these developments -- he's all about pushing the 'voter registration fraud' meme, right?

Well, the CEO of a conservative voter registration company, YPM or Young Political Majors, was arrested on Saturday on charges of willfully violating election law in 2006 and 2007. Although his arrest stems from wrongdoing in earlier elections, his organization, which was hired by the California Republican Party, has found itself in the national spotlight recently because they are being investigated for fraudulently and illegally switching voters' party affiliation from Democrat to Republican:

Dozens of newly minted Republican voters say they were duped into joining the party by a GOP contractor with a trail of fraud complaints stretching across the country.

Voters contacted by The Times said they were tricked into switching parties while signing what they believed were petitions for tougher penalties against child molesters. Some said they were told that they had to become Republicans to sign the petition, contrary to California initiative law. Others had no idea their registration was being changed...

It is a bait-and-switch scheme familiar to election experts. The firm hired by the California Republican Party -- a small company called Young Political Majors, or YPM, which operates in several states -- has been accused of using the tactic across the country.

Election officials and lawmakers have launched investigations into the activities of YPM workers in Florida and Massachusetts. In Arizona, the firm was recently a defendant in a civil rights lawsuit. Prosecutors in Los Angeles and Ventura counties say they are investigating complaints about the company.

The firm, which a Republican Party spokesman said is paid $7 to $12 for each registration it secures, has denied any wrongdoing and says it has never been charged with a crime.

So, Mr. McCain, where's the OUTRAGE? Oh, that's right, only advocacy groups for registering poor minorities deserve your opprobrium...

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