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Friday, October 10, 2008

Palin Camp Reaches New Height of Lying Chutzpah

After stonewalling the Troopergate in Alaska for over a month and refusing to be interviewed in the ensuing investigation, Sarah Palin's official McCain campaign hack lawyer is complaining that the report to be released today on her wrongdoing won't be complete because they didn't interview her. Seriously:

Palin's lawyer, Thomas Van Flein, tried to preemptively discredit the report, telling the ADN that it won't be comprehensive because Branchflower didn't interview Palin or her chief of staff, Mike Tibbles.

"They didn't even try to interview the governor. You want to know why she reassigned Monegan, it would be nice to talk to her. They didn't even try," Van Flein said. "It's a report that's going to be half-done at best. And anything that's half-done will likely be half-baked."