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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Some Sick People in the Republican Base

As I noted a bit earlier today, Barack Obama will be taking Thursday and Friday off to visit his sick grandmother. When I heard the news, I shuddered at the prospect of what hateful, vile things this might prompt some on the lunatic fringe to say.

Well, I came across some of this over on Jake Tapper's ABC News blog and, in the spirit of exposing these nutjobs to the cold light of scrutiny, posted some below. If you're emotionally dyspeptic over the election, you may not want to read further.

One person slams Obama's dead mother:

The fact that his GM raised him doesn't say much for his "wonderful" mother.

Think I recall him saying that he was fearful of his GM. Where was his mother when he was growing up? Didn't want to share the food stamps. Hum.... Maybe someone from a decent part of the MSM might be trying to interview his GM; bet she would have some stories to tell.

While he is gone and Michelle takes over, with any luck she will step in some more s- - -. When I listen to her I hear the Rev. Wright.

This one brims over with warm Christian empathy:
Ask me if I really care. Maybe he can get that crazy radical Rev. Wright to "pray" for her during his next "damn America" sermon.