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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Obama Ahead by 21% in North Carolina

From TPM:

A new Public Policy Polling (D) survey of North Carolina shows that Barack Obama has jumped into an enormous lead over Hillary Clinton, after having been in a dead heat during the worst of the Jeremiah Wright controversy.

Here are the numbers, compared to their previous poll from just last week:

Obama 55% (+11)
Clinton 34% (-9)

From the internals: Obama leads 80%-14% among black voters, while Hillary has a narrow 47%-40% lead among whites.

With Hillary Clinton facing a big gap in pledged delegates, she now needs to win practically all the remaining contests in order to damage Obama's public standing and justify a super-delegate win — and this poll isn't good news for her. For Obama's part, a huge net delegate win here could potentially make up for just about all the expected Hillary gains from Pennsylvania.