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Friday, March 28, 2008

USA Today Runs Stories on Clinton's False Memos

I just wanted to humbly note that USA Today's On Politics ran two stories today dealing with my coverage of the Clinton campaign's highly misleading memos.

I'm still trying to run generally incognito here so check out the two posts here:

Kudos to On Politics reader [Monitor], a New York lawyer and supporter of Sen. Barack Obama who blogs on his own time at Why We Need Obama...

He saw our post yesterday that noted the response from Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign to the economic address that Obama delivered Thursday. In this memo, the Clinton team said that Obama "has taken more money from the top 10 subprime loans than BOTH Senator Clinton and Senator McCain." The memo cited CQ.com as its source.

[Monitor], though, sifted through public records and figured out that if you compare apples to apples -- particularly the money campaigns have gotten from employees of subprime mortgage companies, which is what the Obama numbers were largely based on -- it looks like Clinton has taken in $1.3 million to Obama's $1.2 million.

On Politics reader, Obama supporter and blogger [Monitor], who did some research on his own to point to the contributions Clinton has gotten from people who work in that wing of the mortgage industry, has blogged about the "false advertising" allegation as well.