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Friday, October 10, 2008

General Petraeus Suggests Talking to Our Enemies

Do you ever get the sense that when McCain talks about General Petraeus, it sounds an awful lot like a love-struck high-schooler talking about his latest crush?

Well, maybe McCain won't like his (heart) crush Petraeus after hearing that he basically endorsed Obama's call for America to talk to its enemies:


Chico Brisbane said...

While it seems that Sen. McCain would gladly eat the corn out of the Generals crap just for the asking, it doesn't explain why he is so out of touch with the Gelerals view of the war and most particularly how he (Gen. P.) wouldn't use the word "victory"
to describe the outcome. Nonetheless, ifyou look at how out of touch Sen. McCain is with his own running mate, it's no wonder the pair are so out of touch with reality.

That's how I see it....

chico crisbane