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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Polls Give Obama the Debate Win for Tonight

The polls show that Obama won the debate tonight handily:

In CNN's poll of debate-watchers, Obama won by a 54%-30% margin. In the CBS poll of uncommitted debate-watchers, Obama won 39%-27%.

The CNN poll's numbers were just read on TV, showing that Obama is seen as better on Iraq by 51%-47%, McCain has a 51%-46% edge on terrorism -- a subject where he's usually done much better than this -- and Obama wins 59%-37% on the economy. On the current financial crisis, Obama wins 57%-36%

Both the first presidential debate and the Veep debate showed the Dem winning -- and both were followed by the Democratic ticket gaining more and more in the polls.

Late Update: Some more numbers from the CNN poll were read just now on the air: Obama is seen as the stronger leader 54%-43%, and is more likable 65%-28%.