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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Polls Show Biden Won Debate By Large Margin

The numbers speak for themselves:

A CNN poll of Americans who watched the vice presidential debate shows that most felt Sen. Joe Biden beat Gov. Sarah Palin, 51% to 36%.

A CBS News/Knowledge Networks poll of uncommitted voters show Biden winning 46% to 21% with 33% calling it a draw.


Jamo said...

Biden demonstrated himself to be fully cognizant and versed in the challenges the country and the world faces today. In short, he showed his qualifications to become President if needed.

Sarah Palin showed herself to be fully qualified to be a news anchor, and she could be a very good one. She was very proficient in delivering prepackaged sound bites in a professional manner. But without any depth of understanding or deeper knowledge.

And besides, anyone who pronounces the words 'nucular' and 'Eye Rack' are instantly disqualified to be the head of the Executive Branch IMHO.