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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stay Classy, John McCain

John McCain is kind of a dick:

As the two shared the Senate floor tonight for the first time since they won their party nominations, Obama stood chatting with Democrats on his side of the aisle, and McCain stood on the Republican side of the aisle. So Obama crossed over into enemy territory. He walked over to where McCain was chatting with Republican Sen. Mel Martinez of Florida and Independent Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut. And he stretched out his arm and offered his hand to McCain.

McCain shook it, but with a “go away” look that no one could miss. He tried his best not to even look at Obama. Finally, with a tight smile, McCain managed a greeting: “Good to see you.” Obama got the message. He shook hands with Martinez and Lieberman — both of whom greeted him more warmly — and quickly beat a retreat back to the Democratic side.

As Steven Benen put it:

A lot of reporters couldn't help but notice. Jeff Zeleny and Michael Cooper noted that Obama approached McCain, but McCain "barely pivoted his body as he took Mr. Obama's hand for a handshake that lasted just a moment." Carl Hulse reported that McCain only "offered a chilly look" to Obama.

Two months ago, Newsweek's Jonathan Alter described McCain as a "surprisingly immature politician." That's a fair description, but it's becoming increasingly clear that McCain is also a small and petty man. Worse, as the pressure grows more intense, Obama looks cool, relaxed, and in control, while McCain appears to be cracking.