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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Unhinged Republican Hatred Not Innocuous

When you hear of Palin supporters yelling "KILL HIM!" at a rally, please don't just think of it as some kind of innocuous repellent aberration:

What McCain and Palin are doing now makes the Clinton campaign look tame. It occurs to me that they are "legitimizing" putting Obama's life in danger by pushing this nonsense. The first potential Black President is always going to have that problem, hell Bush had people trying to take him out, I'm sure, but this is really raising the threat level.

Saying your opponent is unfit is one thing, suggesting that he is a evil, a friend of terrorists and a danger to the United States is something else entirely.


Jamo said...

Let's call this for what it is....'Terrorist Chatter'....as they say in the intel business.

I think it behoves all Americans to call their local Republican campaign offices and the offices of elected Republican officials and demand an end to this dangerous tone.