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Monday, May 5, 2008

Be careful of prophets bearing false gifts

Quote of the Day:

Be careful of prophets bearing false gifts.

-- Miles Mogulescu, in an article discussing the lunacy of the McCain/Clinton "gax tax holiday".


Jamo said...

I've been hoping that this gas tax boondoggle will motivate Al Gore to endorse Barack. I can't imagine anything more counterproductive to addressing climate change than perpetuating cheaper gas and putting off a genuine solution. Sadly, VP Gore seems determined to stay above the fray. But let's keep hoping!

Jamo said...

After leaving my comment, I decided to try and direct my thoughts directly to VP Gore. Unfortunately there is no 'contact us' at AlGore.com but there is a number of links to his many projects. The Alliance For Climate Protection (WE) is behind the public info commercials being run, so I felt that might be getting most of his attention these days. They do have a 'contact us' page with the opportunity to post a comment. I asked the alliance and VP Gore to both comment on this terrible proposal by McCain and Clinton. Here is the link. There are others at AlGore.com so maybe sending a comment to each would be effective.