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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Results of Rules and Bylaws Committee Meeting

I couldn't bear to watch much of the coverage today of the DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee meeting but here's the outcome:

Florida's delegates will be seated in full, BUT, each delegate will only get a half-vote at the convention: Clinton would get 52.5 delegates, Obama would get 33.5, and Edwards gets 6.5.

Michigan's delegates will also get a half-vote. The upshot of which is that Clinton would get 34.5 delegates, and Obama would get 29.5. The superdelegates would get half votes.

This is great news for everyone but the whining sociopaths in the Clinton camp who today made idle threats about taking their feckless bitching to the convention. There won't be much chance of that happening, in my estimation. It would garner her nothing.

Thank God this stage of the insanity is over. Please, God, let the next week shut the harpy and her cohorts up for good.