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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Racist Appalachians in Kentucky

Don't pay much mind to Clinton's win in Kentucky last night.

As noted on the Purple State Blog:

MSNBC just reported that 20% of Democratic primary voters in Kentucky told exit pollsters that race was a factor in their decision. And 90% of those voters voted for Senator Clinton.

That's 18% of all Democrats in Kentucky.

And those are the ones who felt comfortable telling a perfect stranger they were uncomfortable voting for Senator Obama [on the basis of his race].

As Andrew Sullivan noted, far be it from Hillary Clinton to openly reject the racist vote:
[Reader Comment:]

When will Hillary ever speak out against how horrible, how evil it is to vote against a black man -- because he's a black man? Seriously. I saw the same exit polls tonight and started to feel sick. 20% in Kentucky had no problem telling a total stranger they proudly voted against a black man?

But then I got angry because you know Hillary saw the exact same exit polls and passed up a chance to speak out against them. It would have been a mildly redeeming moment, too. After speaking fondly of Ted Kennedy, she could have brought up his civil rights record and then pivoted to how America is better than this. But no, she still selfishly and repulsively continues to drive her race and gender wedges for personal gain.

The Clintons have only one principle: their own power. Minorities are there to serve their purposes. If not, not. I saw this very vividly in the 1990s. They haven't changed. It's always only about them.