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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Um, Yay?

I am watching MSNBC's coverage of the West Virginia results (which, of course, Hillary won) and just listened to Andrea Mitchell describe the race:

This was a predominantly white, older, less-educated vote. It is the perfect vote for Hillary Clinton.

Um, yay for her?

How, in the vast expanse of twisted Washington thinking, do we think that the same idiot mass of racist, small-minded George Bush backers is a BONUS for the democratic nominee?

The time of the drooling, unthinking redneck voters is over. Let them thrash and whine about voting for the "colored guy".

Without any sympathy or quarter, let us show everyone, in this election, that you either evolve in this modern society or slink back to your ramshackle cellar to make funny business with your second cousin paramour.