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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Great Electoral News for Obama

From Andrew Sullivan:

Obama finally overtakes Clinton on the "Strong Leader" measure in ABC News' polling. More good news for the O-team:

Relatively few mainstream Democrats (as opposed to independents) say they'd cross over (13 and 10 percent, respectively). And as many Republicans say they'd defect the other way – 10 percent for Clinton if she faced McCain; 15 percent for Obama vs. McCain...

In another measure, 26 percent say the more they hear about Obama the more they like him – more than say that about Clinton (15 percent) or McCain (14 percent). Obama's the only one among them to have gained as much as he's lost in the recent public glare.

And the "wrong track" number is now 82 percent. This has the potential of an electoral earthquake.


Jamo said...

Speaking of great news:


I wonder who will call him Judas? Or maybe a better question is who is left to call him a Judas?