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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ohio Is Now Obama Country

Recent polling has led pollsters to put swing state Ohio into the 'Leans Obama' column:

Ohio seemed like a McCain state in September, but economic jitters and the final dissipation of McCain's convention bounce have now edged Obama into the lead in almost all of the recent polls:

CNN: Obama 50%, McCain 47% (Oct 7)

ABC/WaPo: Obama 51%, McCain 45% (Oct 6)

Rasmussen: McCain 48%, Obama 47% (Oct 6)

Columbus Dispatch: Obama 49%, McCain 42% (Oct 5)

GQR (D): Obama 49%, McCain 43% (Oct 1)

Quinnipiac: Obama 50%, McCain 42% (Oct 1)

One other interesting note from TPM:
The internals from the ABC/WaPo seem to disprove people who say Obama's candidacy is based on fluff. Among those respondents who say personal qualities are the most important, it's McCain who is winning by a 62%-34% margin. Those voters who say they're picking their candidate based on the issues are going to Obama 65%-30%.