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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Even Taylor Marsh Thinks Bill Clinton is Being a Dick

Maybe I'm onto something by pointing out that Bill Clinton is being a wounded, sensitive little baby right now and doing Obama no favors. Even Taylor "Hillary or Bust!" Marsh is discontented by bubba's pouty bullsh*t:

WJC is truly testing my patience. There's no doubt he doesn't need to get nasty or partisan, you know, like the old Bill of the 1990s who went on to win two general elections, plus beat off the wingnuts handily. But he could at least choose to quit pontificating and serving up quotes that actually aid the other side. It certainly doesn't help Hillary with the activist base and Obama supporters; you know, those people Bill knows she'll need if this election doesn't turn out so well. Just read some of the comments he's getting from Dems across the web that is beginning to blow back on Hillary, which is what matters to me. Hillary has been nothing but stalwart in her work for Obama. So I'm done biting my tongue, especially after hearing WJC played back on Rush today, who riffed, then dissed the debates, which was *!@&ing infuriating.