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Monday, September 22, 2008

Everyone Just TRUST the Bush Administration!

Why don't you naysayers and nattering nabobs of negativism out there just sit back and TRUST the Bush administration to bail us out of our current economic crisis!?

I mean, my God, people! What has the Bush administration done over the last eight years to warrant your expressed distrust? It's not like they've royally f*cked up absolutely every major challenge they were faced with. Leaving aside Hurricane Katrina, Iraq, Afghanistan and global warming, the Bush administration has been a paragon of virtue, competence and transparency!

With that snark aside, a reader at the Daily Dish sums up my actual feelings:

After nearly eight years, the phrase "trust us" no longer works... [W]e are as usual placed in a position in which great pressure is brought to bear to quickly accept a deal which will reverberate for decades without close inspection. We are again told that things are vastly complicated and we should trust Treasury and the Fed to do the right thing. My trust reservoir is exhausted. I actually respect Paulson, but I also believe he is "playing the hand he's been dealt," as he said. This is not the way decisions should be taken that have long-term consequences for the nation's future.

If in fact all of this bubbled to the surface quickly, without being anticipated, then the folks at Treasury are incompetent. However, I don't believe that for a second--I am convinced that in this case, again, the Bush Administration knew what was up and calculated that it could just muddle through until after the elections. We should all be apprehensive about what is coming after election day.