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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No Excuse for Being Undecided Anymore

John Cole unpacks the John McCain "Suspend the campaign! Ride back to Washington!" nonsense in his typically deliciously acerbic way:

Let me unpack this for the rest of you retrograde morons out there who are still undecided and can not figure out whether you will vote for Obama or McCain. And no, I am not with the Obama campaign on any official level, so I feel perfectly comfortable calling you a total moron if you are an undecided at this point.

1.) McCain is not putting politics aside. He is injecting a massive dose of politics into this debate. Now, when the negotiators stick on points over the next 36 hours, they will have to wonder if it is being done in bad faith in order to suspend the debate.

2.) Sarah Palin is clearly not ready to debate next week, and the McCain campaign is desperate for a way to postpone her appearance.

3.) McCain is giving you another glimpse of his temperament. Obama quietly, without alerting the press, approached McCain. McCain staged a media stunt. Wait till you all hear the statement from McCain to Katie Couric in which he derided Obama’s attempt to issue a joint statement.

4.) If you want some moron to run around like his hair is on fire in a time of crisis, McCain is your man.

My god, this is the easiest choice in an election in my lifetime.