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Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain Has Not 'Suspended' His Campaign

Ok, all you mainstream media dipsh*ts, stop uncritically reporting that McCain has "suspended" his campaign. Do a little goddamn reporting (or maybe even check The Google) and you will find that -- Gasp! -- McCain is big stinking liar.

That's right, McCain's campaign continues, full steam ahead, even though McCain threw a fake Haily Mary play and claimed that he was "suspending" his campaign starting today. Here are some examples from Steve Benen of what a fake "suspended" campaign looks like:

* McCain campaign offices in battleground states are open and operating, just like yesterday.

* McCain's television ads are on the air, just like yesterday.

* McCain media flacks are all over the news networks, just like yesterday.

* McCain's campaign staffers are working, just like yesterday.

* McCain's campaign website is up, soliciting contributions and promoting McCain's message, just like yesterday.

* For the big White House meeting today, Barack Obama was told not to bring any campaign aides, so he's bringing a legislative assistant from his Senate staff. John McCain is bringing a campaign advisor.