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Monday, September 29, 2008

Premier Bush and Our Still-Slumbering Outrage

All of the sh*t dumped on us by Premier Bush and his cronies over the last seven+ years is kind of getting to me today. Here's an excerpt from a recent IM exchange with a friend of mine:

me: i mean, can you think of anything that would "shock" you at this point? how would we react if we found out, say, cheny organized a blackwater raid, disguised as Iranian military, to slaughter babies in a neonatal clinic? shocked? dismayed? defeated?

[friend]: nothing
i am sort of expecting to learn that the 2000 election machines were rigged
same w/ 2004 in ohio
not all just enough in key places
that he never should have been pres in the first place

the thing that kills me most of all is that there is SO little of meaningful RAGE out there to gel a movement around. i mean, getting obama elected is a good start but where are the mass protests? why aren't we calling for the literal head of bush and cheny, with torches and pitchforks on Pennsylvania Avenue?

[friend]: because the people can handle getting fucked over and over again, as long as the govt does it sorta slowly