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Thursday, September 11, 2008

ABC News Exposes Palin Book Banning Inquiry

ABC News does some actual reporting and exposes more about Sarah Palin's "rhetorical inquiries' about banning books at the local library. See the video below.

My main question to anyone out there that sees this is the same as my main question to come out of the Troopergate investigations. Do you think that everyday, savvy politicians are stupid enough to come right out and actually ask for something nefarious to be done?

In Troopergate, of course we're likely not going to discover a smoking gun where Palin says to the Public Safety Commissioner: "You are hereby commanded to fire my sister's ex-husband or I will fire you in retaliation." We have gotten what we would have expected in an abuse of power investigation. She and her staff made pointed "inquiries" about the status of her sister's ex-husband with the police force and expressed "curiosity" about how crappy it would look for the department if they retained him. This is the way of sneaky, savvy politicians -- don't say it in a way that will get you caught.

This book banning thing is cut of the same cloth. Once she was elected mayor, she "rhetorically inquired" of the town Librarian what her reaction would be if Mayor Palin asked her to ban certain books. The Librarian responded negatively and said that wouldn't be appropriate. Guess what happened? The Librarian was sacked a couple months later. Big freaking surprise. So don't whine to me how no books were actually banned -- Sarah Palin was licking around the edges to feel out how receptive the Librarian would be to an under-the-table order to ban some -- gasp! -- gay-positive books. When she realized the Librarian wouldn't play ball, she fired her in order to appoint a more pliable alternative. Stay classy, Sarah.


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