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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How Many Senators Have Met Sarah Palin?

My friend did a bit of intrepid reporting over at VoteJacked.com and asks a solid question: How many senators [or ANY person for that matter] in Washington actually MET Sarah Palin?

The media is frustrated by this pick, many in the media feel McCain’s decision was shameless and irresponsible. The Obama campaign should urge reporters to survey sitting Senators asking “Senator, have you ever met Sarah Palin” or perhaps “had you met Sarah Palin before she was named as McCain’s VP.” If Brownback and Hutchison hadn’t met her, I’d bet fewer than 10 members of the Senate had met her prior to her being named as McCain’s VP...

This also reinforces the stories that she wasn’t properly vetted. One would hope the leader of a party would consult other party leaders when making his selection, and picking someone almost totally unknown to his Senate colleagues speaks to how reckless the McCain vetting process was.

Scarborough is also asking people questions about whether they would trust their political career to someone they had only met for 2 to 3 hours. “How do you pick somebody you don’t even know.” I’m loving it!

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Jamo said...

While I was out and about working yesterday and listening to Air America, a caller asked Ed Schultz if there was any politician in the country who was less qualified than Sarah Palin to be VP. The question stumped him.

Think of it, a mayor of a 'town' of 7,000 who becomes governor. Gubernatorial experience of around 20 months of a state with a population of about 600,000. Who at the national level has fewer and thinner qualifications than that?

Funny and very scary at the same time.....