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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Is The Candidate "Just Like Me"?

I've been watching some of the Sunday morning talk shows on DVR and one of the most infuriating aspects of the coverage given to Sarah Palin so far is the incessant blather about whether or not she can appeal to the American voter who wants to vote for someone "just like me", how some voters still "aren't sure what Obama is all about", how the average American voter "votes with their gut" and other such process-oriented nonsense.

There has been precious little, if any, serious discussion of Sarah Palin's qualifications or any responsible discussion of the lies the McCain campaign has spread about her background. Troopergate was mentioned for all of 10 seconds on one of the shows and only in some light, high-gloss way.

If this is the kind of fluffy, lick-around-the-edges media we are truly left with in this country, maybe McCain's decision to sequester Sarah Palin away in a fortress of solitude for the first time in modern presidential election history isn't such a bad idea. If, in the absence of question-and-answer sessions with Sarah Palin, the media doesn't do its job in the meanwhile, I fear for the level of information the average American voter will receive about her.

Oh, wait, all the political bloviators out there don't think that the average American voter gives a sh*t about -- gasp -- "information" and "facts" and instead just votes "with their gut" for "someone just like me"... Never mind, I guess...