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Friday, September 12, 2008

McCain Blames Obama for McCain Camp's Lies and Smears

The mental gymnastics going on inside McCain's head these days is truly stunning.

As part of last night's forum on national service, John McCain was asked about the tone and direction of the presidential campaign.
"I think the tone of this whole campaign would've been very different if Sen. Obama had accepted my request for us to appear at town hall meetings all over America."

As Steve Brenen puts it:
To hear McCain tell it, the only way for the presidential campaign to be respectful and substantive is for McCain to get to know Obama better by sharing a stage and arguing with him... This is just pathetic excuse-making -- McCain's running an ugly and deceptive campaign, but that's okay because he just hasn't gotten to know Obama very well. Indeed, by this reasoning, it's Obama's fault McCain has been so despicable -- if he'd only agreed to 15 town-hall debates like McCain wanted, McCain wouldn't have to be so persistently repugnant.