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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Musings on Giuliani and the Lunatic Fringe

I thought you might like to read my latest email in a chain with an independent reader from NYC who likes Giuliani:

I've always been an independent myself and I appreciate your realization that Bush has been an incompetent abomination. However, on the Guiliani side of things, I grant you that he did good things as mayor and it was nice to have him around for 9/11. However, he has proven himself over the years to be a 200% Bush/Rove-style culture war nutjob.

If you grant that Bush was a phenomenal disaster, you have to ask yourself: 'Why?'. Bush is obviously a man of marginal intelligence and enormous suggestibility. He surrounded himself with right-wing religious fanatics and stratospherically incompetent neoconservative ideologues. Bush had something to do with the disaster of the last 8 years but, really, in the final analysis, it was the people who surrounded him and the ideology they got him to go along with that created the mess we're in.

What does it then tell you that people like Romney, Giuliani and McCain have taken up all of the same lying, craven, lunatic characters from the Bush administration to craft their campaigns and worldview? If it was bad for Bush, it would be doubly bad for someone with half a brain and a more extreme version of the same ideology to be elected on the same lunatic fringe platform.


Jamo said...

In regards to Rudy, how can the mayor of the financial and cultural capital of the western world, a man who used city resources to ferry around and guard his MISTRESS, who has used the tragedy to 9/11 to enrich himself (the clearest definition of 'blood money' I have ever encountered); criticize anyone as being elitist or 'cosmopolitan'. Look up hypocrisy or narcism in the dictionary and Rudy's picture will be there.

And the writer's depiction of Bush is fitting McCain more and more as the campaign goes along. That is a very, very scary thought.....

Jamo said...

One more thought on Rudy just came to mind. That being perhaps Rudy is the quintessential Republican. Terrible at governing and planning ahead (remember the decision to put the emergency response center in the WTC after it had already been attacked? The failure to upgrade the emergency radio systems), but adept at spinning the 'response to a crisis' as leadership, when the crisis was made worse by poor governance.

See: Post invasion Iraq, Katrina response, Sarah Palin vetting, etc., etc., etc......