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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Palin to Remain Hidden for TWO Weeks!

Sarah Palin is being sequestered away up in Alaska, with ZERO press availability for TWO weeks! This is a woman we're supposed to elect to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency? And we don't get to ask her any questions for two f*cking weeks because she's "not ready" yet!? Un-f*cking-believable!

As Andrew Sullivan puts it:

This is getting to Manchurian Candidate levels of creepiness. It's deeply sinister and slightly terrifying.


Jamo said...

I cannot come up with words to express strongly enough how much of an outrage this is! In a democracy, our elected officials are accountable to the electorate. Us! The people! As flawed as our media may be today, they are our surrogates. They are our primary means of evaluating, questioning, and holding our candidates and office holders accountable for their promises and performance.

Merely parading Sarah Palin through controlled and scripted 'events', hiding her away from media questions, and stonewalling the American people from doing our own 'vetting' is an absolute outrage.

I hope and pray with every fiber of my being that the American people see this for what it is and hold the McCain campaign accountable and make their disdain for such tactics heard loud and clear on November 4th. If we can demonstrate our lucidity and intelligence, they will rue the day the decision was made to hide Governor Palin away for 25% of the national campaign.

Outrageous! Let democracy ring loud and clear on Nov. 4!