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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sarah Palin's Blog

This had me nearly falling out of my seat. Go to sarahpalin.typepad.com to read Sarah Palin's blog (no, not really, it's a political satire). It's hilarious.

My favorite bit so far:

Bears! Wow. I have been learning so much in the last four days. The McCain campaign has mostly been teaching me about foreign policy, cause it turns out I am pretty good already on domestic issues like talking to angry school board presidents, figuring out how much of a raise to give to the highway superintendent, and of course I am basically Alaska's expert on dealing with fishing permits :-)

But to help with the foreign stuff, they made me some really great flashcards about friend VS. enemy countries. The pictures of animals are the best part. Almost every country has a traditional animal mascot, a lot like sports teams. You probably already knew that America is an eagle, but did you know that England is a friendly lion (kinda like Aslan), Russia is a bear, and Iran is a scorpion with the head of a goat??