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Friday, September 5, 2008

Toobin: McCain Speech 'Shockingly Bad'

I didn't watch McCain's speech last night but it looks like the emerging consensus around the Internets is that it was at best bland and lifeless, and, at worst, "shockingly bad" and "the worst convention speech since Jimmy Carter". Here's CNN's Jeffrey Toobin:


rachel said...

I didn't watch the entire speech but I did find that John McCain seems to talk about his POW experiences too much. We all know about it by now. As far as change how can he be about change when he's been in Washington DC so long? Seems like he's copying Obama. If he is an agent of true change you would think he would leave the GOP. They seem to believe everything he says but can we take his word as gospel truth? Barack Obama has demostrated his ability to work with others from the GOP party. Read about his issues and you will see that he makes the effort to affect change. So it is not just words.