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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Torture is Bad?

Sad that I have to put the question mark in my title but, apparently, many Southern evangelicals think it A-OK to torture people:

USA Today: A new poll reveals 57% of southern Evangelicals are pro-torture, compared to 48% of the public at large.

Torture is exactly the kind of thing that I envision Jesus being cool with.

As The Independent points out, in an article entitled "Who Would Jesus Torture?":

Americans are now among the people on earth most supportive of government's torturing prisoners.

The only other countries where support for torturing terror suspects has grown are India, Nigeria, Turkey, South Korea and Egypt. In all other developed countries, support for an absolute ban on torture has actually risen in the past two years and America is now leading the way in legalising torture as a tool for governments fighting terrorism.

Lest we forget, John McCain agrees with these enlightened Southern Evangelicals (and Jesus), as long as the torturing is done by the CIA:

When the Senate joined the House in passing an intelligence bill that would ban waterboarding and other forms of torture, the President vowed to veto the bill. The bill would have required the CIA to abide by the Army Field Manuel, which also prohibits beatings, electric shocks, forced nudity, mock executions, and the use of dogs. McCain had a choice between standing on his principles or pandering to the extreme right-wing of his party by supporting the President. Knowing what he to get the Republican nomination, he voted against the bill.