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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Clinton a Classless Extortionist

Well, she did exactly what I predicted in her not-concession speech tonight: she kept alive the canard that somehow the nomination was stolen from her.

I am listening to Obama's speech right now and his speech is as generous and graceful as hers was stingy and classless. Thank God we have Barack Obama. I trust him to dispose of this terrible person in a classy and subtle way.

Here's what a Daily Dish reader had to say of Clinton's speech:

What Democrats needed from Clinton tonight, aside from at last CONCEDING to Obama, was to go after McCain with everything she had: this would have been a first step to pulling her supporters into the larger Democratic fold. Instead, incredibly, she chose to continue her veiled critique of Obama. Instead, incredibly, she chose to emphasize and repeat all of her lies: that she won the popular vote, that she has "more votes than any other candidate who's ever run in the primaries", and, most damagingly, insinuating that somehow, this election was "stolen" from her. We see, more clearly than ever, that this is not about defeating Republicans in 2008: it is, for her, solely about her own career.