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Monday, June 9, 2008

90s McCain: Withdraw Immediately from Somalia, Haiti

It was not too long ago when McCain was strongly advocating for the immediate withdrawal of American troops from America's interventions in Somalia and Haiti. Compared to his rhetoric about Democrats wanting to "wave the white flag of surrender" in Iraq, think on this McCain quote from 1994 when advocating the immediate withdrawal from Haiti:

['As soon as possible'] does not mean 'As soon as order is restored to Haiti'.

It doesn't mean 'As soon as democracy is flourishing in Haiti'.

It doesn't mean 'As soon as we have established a viable nation in Haiti'. '

As soon as possible' means 'As soon as we can get out of Haiti without losing any American lives'.

Pretty stark difference, eh? I guess his stance on "waving the white flag of surrender" depends on which constituency he is trying to appease at the time, i.e., the Republican Senate in the 90s and the Republican Base now.

See the video and judge for yourself:

Hat tip: Daily Dish