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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

News Media Lemmings Take Clinton's VP Bait

Count me disgusted.

Hillary oh-so-conveniently decided to float the fact that she would be "open to" being Obama's vice-president today.

Guess what!?

The unthinking news media talkingheads are dutifully sidelining Obama's locking up of the nomination tonight and doing Clinton's bidding by talking about her as a Veep choice ad naseum.
Is there nothing we can do to skewer the evil lumbering beast the news media has become over the last couple of decades?

Ok, deep breath, I can hardly watch news on TV anymore. Mom, keep it off for now.


Stephanie said...

I am not surprised I think the News media is signing its own death certificate. The mistrust they instill just pushes people to find alternative news methods. and Yay to that.