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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Clinton's Concession Speech

Color me impressed. I generally thought that Clinton's concession speech today hit many of the right notes. Three relatively minor criticisms:

  • She spoke at length about fighting for women's issues. However, she did not follow up her point by saying: "Having said all that, I can assure everyone here today that you will find no better champion for women's issues remaining in this campaign than Senator Barack Obama."

  • She failed to mention John McCain and make the explicit point that her supporters should not vote for the Republican just because they might feel slighted after the nomination contest.

  • She made a passing reference to her intellectually dishonest "18 million" votes, without a forceful climb-down statement that Obama won this contest fair-and-square, with more votes and more delegates. As summarized by RCP, she only validly gets past the 18 million vote threshold if she gives MI "uncommitted" votes to Obama and factors in the caucus voting estimates from IA, NV, WA and ME -- at which point Obama has 18,107,710 votes and she has 18,046,007 (a net plus for Obama of 61,703)


Anonymous said...

I am one Obama supporter who had absolutely no problems with Hillary's concession speech.

I was, in fact, brought to tears at one point, when I realized how resilient she has been, not just during this campaign, but throughout her entire life.

It is this kind of grit and determination that I hope I can bring to my own life and to my own personal efforts to help elect Senator Obama to be the next President of the United States.

Jamo said...

I think the Obama campaign and Hillary (if they use her as a surrogate in the upcoming campaign) really need to focus on the two+ upcoming vacancies on the Supreme Court and the vulnerability of Roe V. Wade. McCain has already been speaking in code that he intends to appoint judges that will overturn it. Obama is as great a champion for women's issues as anyone, and hopefully Clinton's supporters will realize what is at stake in the next 4-8 years and join us in electing Obama.