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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Clinton Says She Would Serve As VP

Sorry to add acid to your stomach but Hillary said today in an unprovoked statement to New York lawmakers that she'd be willing to serve as Obama's Vice President.

I expect this will be her next guerrilla campaign of backroom blackmail du jour, right up to the very second Obama actually announces his VP pick.

My thoughts are simple:

NO! Picking Hillary would be just about one of the worst choices Obama could make. It would be the nail in the coffin of any claim to "Change". Not to mention the fact that Hillary has made it abundantly clear that "anything can happen" (hint, hint, RFK anyone?).

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton told the New York congressional delegation today that she's willing to serve as Sen. Barack Obama's vice presidential nominee.

As Associated Press projected that Obama had the number of delegates he needed to clinch the Democratic presidential nomination, Clinton raised the possibility of serving as Obama's running mate during her talk with New York lawmakers, said Rep. Brian Higgins, D-Buffalo.

"She brought it up, and it it was reaffirmed by others," Higgins said. ""It was in the context of: we've got to win this thing."