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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

John Kerry Eviscerates McCain - Video

I'm listening to John Kerry deliver a series of razor-sharp jabs into the side of John McCain on C-SPAN. It's too bad that the usual suspects aren't carrying the speech. you really need to watch it. I'll post the video in an update once it's up.

One great quote among many: "Sometimes patriotism demands that you tell truth to power."

Andrew Sullivan was impressed too:

Was I hallucinating or was that not a stirring, passionate, acerbic and moving speech? Kerry expressed the rage so many of us feel when contemplating not just the failures of the last eight years but the chutzpah, contempt and arrogance that have accompanied them. And he went after McCain's betrayal of the very virtues he still lays claim to.

This convention has turned. The roll-call vote, the Clinton speech and now Kerry have ramped this up. Game on.

Here's the video:

Go here to view a full transcript of John Kerry's speech.


Jamo said...

Kerry's speech was a major and welcome surprise. Fortunately I just caught it on C-Span as my brother pointed out that the speeches were being aired uninterrupted. Even though I like most of the personalities on MSNBC, they missed it with their analysis of the Bill Clinton speech.

From what I understand, Kucinich gave a terrific speech yesterday that was also missed on the networks. Watch C-Span, people, if you want to see everything (a little late, I suppose).

Monitor said...

Crap, I forgot to post the Kucinich speech. Here it is, in all its glory: http://weneedobama.blogspot.com/2008/08/kucinichs-convention-speech-wake-up.html