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Monday, August 18, 2008

Quote of the Day II: Obama Dominates Foreign Policy

This is so true (and so sad that the media has bought the bullsh*t meme fed to it directly by the McCain campaign):

One of the great secrets of the presidential campaign is that Obama’s greatest strength and McCain’s greatest weakness is the same thing: foreign policy judgment. It’s frustrating that the conventional wisdom (and public perceptions) has this almost exactly backwards.

As conservative Rita Hauser, a former member of George W. Bush's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, put it recently when she noted that McCain will too-likely be just another extension of Bush's failed foreign policies:
When it became clear that the nominees would be McCain and Obama, many Republicans all around the country started calling one another to say, Who will we be for, what are we going to do in this election? And a very large number of us feel deeply that John McCain, good man that he is, will be a continuation of Bush, and we will have, particularly in the foreign-policy field, but also in terms of fiscal integrity, a Bush third term, and that is something that we are strongly opposed to. It’s difficult to walk away from your party’s nominee, but you have to put your country first.