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Friday, August 1, 2008

Offshore Drilling Pledge Nets McCain Big Oil Donations

This is just sick. Leaving aside the fact that opening up new offshore drilling to the big oil companies will produce NO new oil until 2017 and, even when it comes, will have ZERO impact on oil and gas prices, a new report shows that McCain has received an enormous influx of new campaign cash from the big oil companies after making his pledge to lift the ban on new offshore drilling. I hate the influence of big money in politics.



Jamo said...

TPM has had an interesting series (being picked up on by the LA Times and Washington Post) about Hess executives and employees giving McCain $28,500 each. How can an office manager (and her husband a foreman for Amtrack) afford $28,500 each to give to McCain? And they don't even own their own home?

The story has been going on for a couple of days and is now in the archives at TPM. One needs to scroll down this page to see each of the stories: