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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mark Warner: Lame

Well, I'll say it, Virginia Governor Mark Warner's speech at the convention just now was okay, yet -- compared to what it needed to be -- it ultimately limped across the finish line without much meat or spice. The worst part was his 4-minute spiel about how much of a wonderful governor he's been for Virginia -- WTFC (who the f cares)? I have been skeptical about recent assessments about how lame much of this convention has been but, well, Warner's speech was just so embarrassingly bland.

As Andrew Sullivan put it:

I'm not judging their accomplishments, merely noting that Mark Warner and Bob Casey were terribly mediocre speakers, their speeches unfocused, their themes muddled, and their style close to non-existent. I guess none of this matters much until the networks move in at 10 pm. But what's been broadcast tonight has been a meandering, tedious mess. I always associated the Obama campaign with crisp, clear messaging. Not tonight.