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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

McCain: Internationalism is for Pussies

Would someone please just wake me up once this election is over? At this rate of ever-increasing simplification and childishness, McCain is going to wind up simply throwing wads of poo at Obama by the time we come to November:

My opponent had the chance to express such confidence in America, when he delivered a much anticipated address in Berlin. He was the picture of confidence, in some ways. But confidence in oneself and confidence in one's country are not the same. And in that speech, Senator Obama left an important point unclear. He suggested that the end of the Cold War proved that there was, quote, "no challenge too great for a world that stands as one."

Now I missed a few years of the Cold War, as the guest of one of our adversaries, but as I recall the world was deeply divided during the Cold War -- between the side of freedom and the side of tyranny. The Cold War ended not because the world stood "as one," but because the great democracies came together, bound together by sustained and decisive American leadership.

Aside from the - Gasp! - POW reference du jour, McCain is basically saying that (i) internationalism is for pussies and (ii) we defeat evil by whipping internationalist pussies into doing what we want them to do. Sigh...